MUDr. Igor Kisza, stomatológ (Poprad)

Rovná 594/5, Poprad, Slovakia

Wisdom the teeth are usually very annoying and most people bring them off to prevent future teeth alignment problems, a very important thing is to consult your Dental Office at MUDr. Igor Kisza, stomatológ to be able to solve the problem soon enough. Don't you already know the offers of the Dental Physician at Rovná 594/5, Poprad, Slovakia? You don't lose something by wondering and also this way you can fulfill their Dental Offices firsthand and possess the first contact with them.

The number of Dental Physicians that you can find at Other Cities in Prešovský (Prešovský) is quite substantial, either in private Dental Physicians or larger centres with some other specialties. There are many choices within the most cosmetic part of the world of Dental Offices in Slovakia that may interest you if you are contemplating acquiring a touch-up or adding a bright applique to your the teeth. In Poprad you can get Dental Clinics like MUDr. Igor Kisza, stomatológ that have excellent professionals that may offer you the best treatments at a good price. Many individuals have problems with very intense pain because of the wisdom the teeth and thus it is highly recommended to remove them prior to they cause damage so make an appointment with one of the Dental Clinics of Slovakia to avoid future problems.

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49.057564, 20.311943


Slovakia, Prešovský, Other Cities in Prešovský, Poprad


Rovná 594/5, Poprad, Slovakia

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    +421 52/772 25 77

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    not provided

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We strongly recommend contacting this Dental Clinic before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.
We strongly recommend contacting this Dental Clinic before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.

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    If you have never been to Barbora DENT - zubná technika you ought to make an appointment to have an yearly check-up and ensure that you have no problem that you may be overlooked. The number of Dental Clinics that one could locate at Other Cities in Prešovský (Prešovský) is very high, either in private Dental Clinics or larger sized centers with other areas.
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