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Stomatologiya (Navoiy Shahri)

66 Khalklar Dustligi Ave, Navoi, Uzbekistan
Full name: Stomatologiya

For those who have young children you should bring them for the dental office and then try to monitor their dentures so find the best dental hospital in Asia for them. The good thing about Stomatologiya is that they usually do not make you hang on in excess because they are usually quite fast because of their services and do not create queues.

Wisdom the teeth are always very frustrating and a lot people bring them off and away to avoid future tooth alignment troubles, the best thing would be to confer with your clinic at Stomatologiya so as to fix the problem soon enough. The number of dental care units that one could find at Uzbekistan is very high, either in personal dental hospitals or greater centers along with other specialties.

Based on the severity of your own situation, you might have to visit the 66 Khalklar Dustligi Ave, Navoi, Uzbekistan dental care unit repeatedly if you decide to begin a dental treatment since many are very complicated and call for some time to resolve them. A benefit of just living in Asia is that you may locate the most important dental care units in the world and head to their meetings without any issue thanks to how well connected the nation is by aeroplane or any other carry option.

New in Navoiy Shahri?

Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this dental physician, so you can enter them into your GPS to aid you locate the dental office easily.:

  • GPS

    40.098122, 65.377800
  • Location

    Uzbekistan, Navoiy, Navoiy Shahri
  • Address

    66 Khalklar Dustligi Ave, Navoi, Uzbekistan

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